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February 22, 2010

Finishing second cup of java, and thought I’d post a pic or two of some projects. I pulled out two jackets I started a while back. The chambray jacket I started WAY long ago, like before last spring to wear last spring! The other I started last summer. I made a promise to myself to get out all of these unfinished projects and finish them. I had gained weight so the jacket did not fit as well as I would have liked thus the reason I stopped working on it. Last night I attached the collar and lining. It requires a few improvements here and there, but overall I like it. The fabric was dirt cheap if I remember and I like the informal look it lends to the jacket. The jackets have side seam pockets, also an informal feature.

I also am almost finished with another teddy bear.

I bought some super inexpensive cotton yarn and these enormous needles. I think I told you that already. I like the feel of the cotton, and hope to someday try a sweater out of it. Anyway, first project will be with circular needles: a hat for spring.

I ran yesterday. You can read about it on DailyMile if you wish, but let me say I think (I hope) I am finally back in the running (no pun intended). First race 20 days away!


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January 29, 2010

Taking a break from the grind.  Been cataloging books all day to fill in for the cataloger who is out for a couple of weeks.  besides it gives me a break from the aspects of my job which have been aggravating me lately.

I am probably about an hour’s worth of work away from finishing the scarf.  Hoorah.  We are supposed to get a bit of winter storm this afternoon and tomorrow, so the timing is good.

I finished the bear.  I have to mail him to his new owner soon.

It’s going to be a very rough February for Donnie and me, financially.  I am trying to set myself up for being strong, but we are so badly off I am prone to get really depressed.  I have already been having the mental gymnastics I maintain when going down that depression track.

I started another blog for noncustodial parents to gather.  All you ever hear about in the news are the “deadbeat dads” who never pay child support.  but you don’t hear about the very unfair laws regarding child support payments and how they often debilitate the noncustodial parent.  What really aggravates me (understatement) is how there is no accountability necessary by law to ensure the child support is actually going to support the child instead of funding a slush account for the custodial parent.  We have no say over what the boys eat, when they go to the doctor, etc., but we live hand to mouth while the ex-spouse has put nothing aside for the boys’ future.  Instead she takes vacations (some without the boys), gets meals prepared and paid for by her own mother who lives next door (and who babysits, thus there is no need for paying a babysitter), and does nothing to better her situation.  She makes (and this is all part of the facts discussed in court, so we know the figures) a paycheck that is not enough to cover her own basic needs, yet she continues to insist on more money so the boys can dress in Abercrombie, Aeropostale, American Eagle, all the hot brands.  One of the boys just got a laptop, and he is not even 15.  We pay full health insurance on the boys; pay 2/3 of a monthly salary to child support (and that is regular payments; nothing is in arrears); and still have to pay 59% of all medical co-pays for appointments she makes and doesn’t bother to tell the father.

Damn it I am too pissed to go any further.

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January 23, 2010

Saturday, and the weather is cool, but fresh and only a bit cloudy.  Good day for opening windows, dusting and sweeping, which I just got done doing.  Now I’m finishing a bit of fuel before I stroll with the dog a bit, then my run for today.  End of week 9!

So, all I have left to do on the teddybear are the eyes and such.

phot of bear I made the limbs movable.  He turned out much cuter than I expected.

I screwed up on my knitting this morning.  I realize no matter how “zen” I get with it, there are certain things that distract me from my numbers, and I somehow ended up with what looked to be a rather large mistake.  But I breathed deeply, and was able, after several minutes, to correct what I had done.

However, I think what I did was redo stitches that belonged to the previous row, not the row I was on.  So, later on today, I will take out the rows until I get to a point I know is row such-and-such.  For now, though, no more crafting until my walk and run and perhaps some mopping at least the stairwell.  And no more knitting until I have worked on my other “secret” project (the one that one of you may ead about and for whom the project is intended).

So take care everyone!

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January 22, 2010

7:00.  Coffee to my left.   Yorkie in my lap.  What am I doing, someone who sits at a computer all day?  I am posting a comment about my KNITTING.  I believe I am becoming obsessed if I am not already.  I have talked to other knitters who say this happens.  My plan upon waking was to type a post quickly to show you that I finally have succeeded at getting several rows on my scarf done with no curled edges.  The first incarnation of the scarf, where I am trying cables, was fine, and I had a lot finished before I realized the curled edges were never going to press out, according to my co-worker and now knitting guru Marian.  Thank you, Marian!  She was honest and said “Rip it all out or you won’t be happy with it.”  I wouldn’t have been either. It was curling up like a piece of ziti pasta.  But undoing it all that time, and several more times, has reminded me the value of patience.  Knitting is really a metaphor for life in many ways.

cable scarf image So yay.  I am going to finish this scarf before I begin any new project.  Knitting project that is.  I have a couple of other projects going already, too.

I am working on something special for someone who might read this so I cannot share with you right now, but I will later on, I promise.

I am also finishing up this patchwork teddy bear.

teddy bear picture I used a pattern I found in a book.  It’s going to be really cute, and I plan on making a few more.  They’re a good way to use up scraps of fabrics.  I think I will stuff the next one I make with those little pellets that make the limbs more malleable.

I will NOT purchase them at my local Hancock Fabrics.  We don’t have a lot of fabric stores around here, and this chain is one of them.  I used to work at Jo-Ann Fabrics, and so, looking for part-time work, I applied here a couple of weeks ago.  They had a huge sign in their window saying they were hiring for part-time employment.  I called the manager yesterday and he sounded very bored as he said, quite simply, “I’m not hiring.  It’s just corporate policy that we have to put that sign in the window.”  I was livid.  I said thank you to him, but I immediately sat down and typed a letter to the President and CEO of the company telling her that I found this “policy” deplorable and that I would not shop there any longer.  And I won’t.  I put my money where my mouth is.  Always have, and always will.  I think more people should.  We could really affect some major change if we would just show companies, with our wallets, what we really wanted from them.  So you know what?  I’m going to apply at Jo-Ann today!  Why not?  Yeah!  I need the money.  A goal of mine for 2010 (no, not really a New Year’s goal per se) is to clean house financially-get things in order, clean out old files, take care of credit reports, really investigate savings, etc.

Another goal is to run at least a half-marathon.  As you know I am running my first 2 races in March (see Post from 20th or 21st).  My love of knitting is similar to my love of running.  I have tried both in the past but went nowhere long-term with them.  Now I think I am into both for the long haul!

Well, I’d better stop, or I will have to skip breakfast, a big no-no, wouldn’t you say?  I would.  If I do not eat breakfast I hit a slump before NOON.  I am slated to go on a field trip to another county’s library this afternoon with the rest of the librarians where I work, so I need to be ready for this day.  Plus, how can I remember what row I am on in my knitting during my late morning break if my brain is fuzzy?  I think people trying to quit smoking should take up knitting.  Of course, it’d be sort of funny to watch all my friends take a break from their drinking when we go out to take a knitting break, and stand outside in the cold with their needles and yarn.  Ha.

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