May 16, 2011

Oh boy. So much is up in the air. Telling myself to roll with it. Not in my nature to relax and let it all go and wait for things to settle. I feel like I must be doing something constantly or I am wasting time and maybe creating more trouble for my own part.

I have taken a new job in northern Kentucky, and we have yet to find a place to live. We have visited the area 4 times, have done our online searches. Either places do not take the pets, or only some of them, or the usual factors (bad area, rent too high, etc.) I do not want to freak out, but it is difficult. it has been a very long time indeed since I have had so many unknowns going on at one time, and I tell you: I do not like it one bit.

Been making some bears. I found this wonderful bear pattern and have made four so far.

primary colored bear

Had some extra fabric

a bit big


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