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Time to get cracking!

Alright, I have made a decision. I enjoy other people’s blogs so much that I have got to use mine to its potential. I have made myself this promise so many times I am sick of even admitting it, but I am going to post daily.
It is Friday, November 5.
Logging in I saw a link to a blog, a reaction to which I saw on Facebook as well. It is written by a mother whose boy was Scooby-Doo’s Daphne for Halloween. He chose the costume himself, and she was fine with it. Trouble is, some others were not.

The human race. We are so hard-wired to belong to a group. It is in our physiological nature, because we cannot survive without each other. Yet we advance through the ages, and this hard-wiring prevents us from letting go of some things on our own. We have choice. We have always had choice. The more advanced we become, the more choice we have. Perhaps someday the human race will be able to see clearly what benefits us and what does not. Right now, however, I see us making war on each other for things which ultimately serve nobody but the haters.

What is it really that made those mothers react with anything except complete support for the boy’s costume? Why was his costume so horribly different from being dressed up as Scooby-Doo, for example? Hell, I have seen children’s costumes for terrorists! And THAT somehow is preferential to being dressed up as Daphne? Seriously, people?

I have seen people act with hate only when in the presence of other haters. These people either are not really haters themselves and have some f&^$%@ up need to belong, or they don’t have the balls to be the haters they are when by themselves. I have also seen haters who speak out because they feel they have some sense of duty: protecting their own way of life, their god, their country, their community. These are the Glenn Becks, the Ann Coulters, the rest.

We each have good and bad within us. We have choice as well. I grew up with ridicule, and handled it my own way. It affected me early on and will continue to affect me throughout my life. At times I was afraid like this boy was of being laughed at. Who wants to be laughed at? Nobody. But it’s part of life. But grown adults who sneer or laugh or mock children? You make me sick. I know you exist and unfortunately I have accepted you are a part of life, too. yet you still make me sick. At times I struggle with hate myself, hatred of people like this.

But ultimately, hate only begets hate. And I have learned another lesson which took me many of my adult years to learn: by not giving in to hate I do not give into paranoia, the likes of which leads me to believe others are snickering at me when they truly could not care less about my very existence.

So please, let us go amongst each other with a confidence nobody can tear down, and be ready to accept the feelings as they come to us. For in the end, the battle is truly with ourselves, not them.


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