February 22, 2010

Finishing second cup of java, and thought I’d post a pic or two of some projects. I pulled out two jackets I started a while back. The chambray jacket I started WAY long ago, like before last spring to wear last spring! The other I started last summer. I made a promise to myself to get out all of these unfinished projects and finish them. I had gained weight so the jacket did not fit as well as I would have liked thus the reason I stopped working on it. Last night I attached the collar and lining. It requires a few improvements here and there, but overall I like it. The fabric was dirt cheap if I remember and I like the informal look it lends to the jacket. The jackets have side seam pockets, also an informal feature.

I also am almost finished with another teddy bear.

I bought some super inexpensive cotton yarn and these enormous needles. I think I told you that already. I like the feel of the cotton, and hope to someday try a sweater out of it. Anyway, first project will be with circular needles: a hat for spring.

I ran yesterday. You can read about it on DailyMile if you wish, but let me say I think (I hope) I am finally back in the running (no pun intended). First race 20 days away!


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    Marian said,

    Good to see you back again! Your jacket looks great and your new teddy has lots of personality. I finally finished a project – a jumper I really like, but man, it drove me crazy. You MUST tell me how you turn a vest-like garment (the bodice in the case of my jumper) through the side. I just can’t see how that works, so I end up turning it at the shoulders and then just tuck the raw edges in and stitch it all down – Not At All the way it should be done.

    One thing you can do with the somewhat fine gauge cotton yarn is knit with two strands at a time. Of course it eats up your yarn faster, but you get a bulkier fabric/texture that I think is quite nice and it goes faster, too. I may try to experiment with this myself. My problem is that I’ve got five projects that I want to do right now and just don’t know which to choose. And that’s just in knitting! I just received the gray velvet I ordered for a duster, so don’t you think that should be done before the weather gets too hot? Alas for lack of time, that’s all I can say.

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      Keyth said,

      Marian, The only way I can be happy is to have several projects at once. I realized that instead of fighting it, to give in instead to the fact that I will ALWAYS have numerous projects going at once. So, I keep everything as tidy as I can while also keeping each project readily accessible. This way, I can select which project to work on based on the amount of time I have, the degree to which I want to move around or concentrate, etc. Your duster will be fine for next year, keep in mind!
      The process is the same for turning at the shoulders as for the side, and some people use the shoulders instead. I always use the side seams as they offer greater room. I remember once trying to turn this heavy vest through the shoulder seam and it was nearly impossible. But I’m not sure what issue you are having with it. Can you explain when you see me, or explain here?
      I actually want a light (not lacy) skull cap with the cotton yarn so I will not double it.

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        Marian said,

        I don’t see how you can turn the shoulders right side out any way but by having them open – maybe I should just try it even though I can’t imagine it. I’m not good at three-dimensional thinking…

        Do you have a pattern for your cap?

        Yes, I don’t mind having a number of projects going – I guess I’m just frustrated because as much as I’m looking forward to warmer weather and such, gardening takes sooo much of my time and I already feel like I’m late getting ready for it. So January and February are my months for knitting and sewing, and all I’ve really checked off my list this year is one jumper! One part of the frustration is that it ‘s a relatively quiet phase at my day job so I have time there to think up lots of new ideas! Well, it’s all good, really. I just need to chant the “patience, patience, patience” mantra and enjoy the moment. I made some earrings yesterday at lunch time and I have to say they are haunting my thoughts right now. It’s kind of a state of grace when you have words and images like citrine, amethyst, aquamarine, and peridot running through your head as you go about your daily chores. Talk to you later….

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    Keyth said,

    Ugh! Just saw your reply! Sorry! I don’t have a pattern for my cap. I’ve found some basic ones, but nothing exactly like I want.
    I LOVE to garden too, and I have spent money and time on the property even though we rent. This year I am saying no to anything that costs money. I will watch my tulips come up, and I will clean the yard and do weeding and composting and all that. But I just can’t afford to keep up someone ELSE’s yard.
    Still not sure what trouble you are having with the turning out, but I can help you if you bring it in Monday.

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    Marian said,

    I can’t spend money on garden treats this year either, but I do have lots of seeds I collected last fall, which I will be delighted to share with you. From memory, I know if have zinnias, pink cosmos, gold cosmos, marigolds, morning glories, basil, cilantro…. probably others. I guess it’s time to get those things out and have a look. Just let me know if you’d like any of these. I hand selected the flower seeds according to my favorite colors, so I’m looking forward to seeing how that worked out. I also saved some tomato seeds from my favorites, so I need to get those started pretty soon…. I envy you your tulips! Ravishingly beautiful little items, they are – I only have a few and I can never decide whether I should leave them outside in the garden or cut them and bring them in so I can admire them all day. If I ever strike it rich, I will definitely be investing in tulips – you’ve read about the tulip craze back in the 19th century, haven’t you?

    Next time I see you I’ll try to explain better about my vest-turning frustrations…..
    Talk to you later…..

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