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February 22, 2010

Finishing second cup of java, and thought I’d post a pic or two of some projects. I pulled out two jackets I started a while back. The chambray jacket I started WAY long ago, like before last spring to wear last spring! The other I started last summer. I made a promise to myself to get out all of these unfinished projects and finish them. I had gained weight so the jacket did not fit as well as I would have liked thus the reason I stopped working on it. Last night I attached the collar and lining. It requires a few improvements here and there, but overall I like it. The fabric was dirt cheap if I remember and I like the informal look it lends to the jacket. The jackets have side seam pockets, also an informal feature.

I also am almost finished with another teddy bear.

I bought some super inexpensive cotton yarn and these enormous needles. I think I told you that already. I like the feel of the cotton, and hope to someday try a sweater out of it. Anyway, first project will be with circular needles: a hat for spring.

I ran yesterday. You can read about it on DailyMile if you wish, but let me say I think (I hope) I am finally back in the running (no pun intended). First race 20 days away!


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February 17, 2010

Well, I’m going to practice stitches and make swatches of different stitches and combine them into something. I bought some all-cotton yarn this morning and pair of aluminum knitting needles. Carrying them from the car into work this morning, in the 20-something degree weather…whew! They got COLD! Plus I can’t imagine you’d want to be knitting with these things outside in an electrical storm. Hazards of knitting I suppose.
So after I do my basketweave swatch I will post it.
Working on another bear, too. Darn it. I realize I forgot to get embroidery floss this morning. Crud.

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