January 31, 2010

Tried out loom knitting again last night.  I really don’t get it.  I mean, I have the basic knit and purl, and I even did a K2 together, but I can’t imagine how anyone finds it easier than needle knitting.  I thought I would, and maybe in some ways it is, but you have to have all different kinds of loom sizes and they are more bulky and expensive than needles.  I made myself a winter cap, since I lost mine recently.  I don’t like the cast-on stitches; they are rather bulky, and it fits oddly.

So I just finished using the last remaining green yarn for some practice stitches.  I tried a diamond brocade and a rib stitch.  Still must work on my tension, and go back to square one and try to learn how to handle the working yarn with my left fingers.  I am still taking too much time to wrap the yarn around the needle, but I can’t get over the awkwardness I feel by trying to hold the yarn like “they” say I should.  I am wondering if my inability to hold the yarn this way is affecting some of the tension in my loops, although in my scarf project my tension was fine, and I am doing the same thing.

diamond brocade topped off with a rib.

Well, Tuesday starts week 11 of running.  I really must work on improving my pace, although yesterday’s pace of about 11 minutes a mile was caused somewhat by the fact that I was running in 5″ of snow.  Quite a different kind of run, and my calves feel it.

I have been going through the pantry (small as it is right now) and using up things that need to be used up.  I actually made samosas this morning (man were they delicious) and black bean burger patties last night.  It always feels good to use up everything one has before going to the market for more.  Besides, it’s February, and for us that means: save, save, save.  The mantra for the month.

Is there anyone out there reading this?  I’d love to talk with you about knitting, running ,cooking, or whatever.  I think talking would help me through a lot of things.


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    Marian said,

    Hey Keyth – I’m really impressed with your brocade! I think it looks great. With the library closed on Saturday I got to work on my stranded knitting for hours. What a luxury! It’s going pretty well, but the elongation effect we talked about has made the cats look like angry Scottish terriers with crazy tails! I’m going to try it with the correct size needles for the second side of the bag. It’s really just an experiment anyway. Hey, I know how to hold the yarn in my left hand and it really is very easy. Maybe we can have a little session someday soon. Did Donnie like his scarf? How did it block out?

    Samosas – yumm! I tried making them once but wasn’t fully satisfied with the result – maybe you could share your recipe.

    I did my running this weekend, but also took my ancient cross-country skis to the arboretum yesterday. Very fun. I’m going to take them to McConnell Springs at lunchtime today.

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      keythsokol said,

      Good grief! You cross-country ski, too, and at lunchtime? How in the world do you have time??!!!
      First time I made samosas, and I baked them instead of frying. They were delicious but next time I’ll fry so they are softer and more bad for me! I used the recipe in How To Cook Everything. The dough makes up wonderfully, and is incredibly elastic so you can roll it out really thin.
      It blocked out great. I stayed at the library past working hours to finish it and block it (we have an iron). After I blocked it I saw a 5-stitch segment where I knitted instead of purled. After all those mistakes I undid and I overlook this small area. Oh well! He loved it. I am going to focus the next little bit on practicing stitches, and holding the yarns, etc. I don’t have money to begin a new project, so it’ll be slow going.

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