January 23, 2010

Saturday, and the weather is cool, but fresh and only a bit cloudy.  Good day for opening windows, dusting and sweeping, which I just got done doing.  Now I’m finishing a bit of fuel before I stroll with the dog a bit, then my run for today.  End of week 9!

So, all I have left to do on the teddybear are the eyes and such.

phot of bear I made the limbs movable.  He turned out much cuter than I expected.

I screwed up on my knitting this morning.  I realize no matter how “zen” I get with it, there are certain things that distract me from my numbers, and I somehow ended up with what looked to be a rather large mistake.  But I breathed deeply, and was able, after several minutes, to correct what I had done.

However, I think what I did was redo stitches that belonged to the previous row, not the row I was on.  So, later on today, I will take out the rows until I get to a point I know is row such-and-such.  For now, though, no more crafting until my walk and run and perhaps some mopping at least the stairwell.  And no more knitting until I have worked on my other “secret” project (the one that one of you may ead about and for whom the project is intended).

So take care everyone!


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