Saturday Morning Sewing

Hi all.  I am so rusty with WordPress.  I cannot believe it’s been a year since I posted anything.  Well, yes I can.  First, I am not the best an communicating online.  Just not m natural inclination.  Secondly, what a year it’s been.  Change in location, job (s), much whirlwind of activity, much of it very very challenging.  I work my second job tonight at GoodWill, but for now, I am determined to actually sit at the sewing machine and work on my quilt.


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May 16, 2011

Oh boy. So much is up in the air. Telling myself to roll with it. Not in my nature to relax and let it all go and wait for things to settle. I feel like I must be doing something constantly or I am wasting time and maybe creating more trouble for my own part.

I have taken a new job in northern Kentucky, and we have yet to find a place to live. We have visited the area 4 times, have done our online searches. Either places do not take the pets, or only some of them, or the usual factors (bad area, rent too high, etc.) I do not want to freak out, but it is difficult. it has been a very long time indeed since I have had so many unknowns going on at one time, and I tell you: I do not like it one bit.

Been making some bears. I found this wonderful bear pattern and have made four so far.

primary colored bear

Had some extra fabric

a bit big

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Time to get cracking!

Alright, I have made a decision. I enjoy other people’s blogs so much that I have got to use mine to its potential. I have made myself this promise so many times I am sick of even admitting it, but I am going to post daily.
It is Friday, November 5.
Logging in I saw a link to a blog, a reaction to which I saw on Facebook as well. It is written by a mother whose boy was Scooby-Doo’s Daphne for Halloween. He chose the costume himself, and she was fine with it. Trouble is, some others were not.

The human race. We are so hard-wired to belong to a group. It is in our physiological nature, because we cannot survive without each other. Yet we advance through the ages, and this hard-wiring prevents us from letting go of some things on our own. We have choice. We have always had choice. The more advanced we become, the more choice we have. Perhaps someday the human race will be able to see clearly what benefits us and what does not. Right now, however, I see us making war on each other for things which ultimately serve nobody but the haters.

What is it really that made those mothers react with anything except complete support for the boy’s costume? Why was his costume so horribly different from being dressed up as Scooby-Doo, for example? Hell, I have seen children’s costumes for terrorists! And THAT somehow is preferential to being dressed up as Daphne? Seriously, people?

I have seen people act with hate only when in the presence of other haters. These people either are not really haters themselves and have some f&^$%@ up need to belong, or they don’t have the balls to be the haters they are when by themselves. I have also seen haters who speak out because they feel they have some sense of duty: protecting their own way of life, their god, their country, their community. These are the Glenn Becks, the Ann Coulters, the rest.

We each have good and bad within us. We have choice as well. I grew up with ridicule, and handled it my own way. It affected me early on and will continue to affect me throughout my life. At times I was afraid like this boy was of being laughed at. Who wants to be laughed at? Nobody. But it’s part of life. But grown adults who sneer or laugh or mock children? You make me sick. I know you exist and unfortunately I have accepted you are a part of life, too. yet you still make me sick. At times I struggle with hate myself, hatred of people like this.

But ultimately, hate only begets hate. And I have learned another lesson which took me many of my adult years to learn: by not giving in to hate I do not give into paranoia, the likes of which leads me to believe others are snickering at me when they truly could not care less about my very existence.

So please, let us go amongst each other with a confidence nobody can tear down, and be ready to accept the feelings as they come to us. For in the end, the battle is truly with ourselves, not them.

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Better start posting again

Well, my GMail and Facebook accounts have been hacked, and naturally the customer service from both Google and Facebook leave something to be desired. Sure, this is 2010, and in the technical world things are handled via email. but something should be said about the benefit of customer serive with real people in this day and age.
So I do not know if and when I will ever have my Facebook pages back. they did reply telling me they would look into it.
Have I heard anything from Google? No. Great.
So if you read this and you know me, please know you cannot communicate with me by either venue.
I have created a new personal email account, with another email provider, and will divulge it once I feel like it.


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May 24, 2010

Here it is, May 24. Five days until I turn 41.
I have not written in a couple of months, a no-no for bloggers who want hits to their site. But for those of us who feel like sharing less often, a fine amount of time.
I have only been working on one craft project, something I will share with you all when I finish it.
I have been working a part-time job in addition to my full-time job in an effort to pay down some bills that have been nagging us. I am hoping to be able to acquire more hours there. As it is I get about 10 hours a week.
The Spring season, despite all the rain we’ve had, makes me want to work in the yard, but I promised myself I would not put in time and effort toward the rental property anymore. I offered our landlord my groundkeeping services for a nominal amount off of the rent last year, and he turned me down. I know my price was lower than what he pays the current guy, and that guy doesn’t even cut down the weeds growing on the side of the house. The house looks like a wreck, and it’s a shame. It’s a beautiful old house which has been neglected, and I wish I had the wherewithal to purchase it and preserve it. But I don’t, and this year I won’t even work in the yard no matter how much it bothers me. I deadheaded my roses yesterday, and I will maintain my individual planters, but I will do nothing to upkeep the yard.
I am looking for positions which will allow me to have lots of things going on at once, like I like. And I am submitting my application to positions which truly fit me.
Meanwhile…take care.

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February 22, 2010

Finishing second cup of java, and thought I’d post a pic or two of some projects. I pulled out two jackets I started a while back. The chambray jacket I started WAY long ago, like before last spring to wear last spring! The other I started last summer. I made a promise to myself to get out all of these unfinished projects and finish them. I had gained weight so the jacket did not fit as well as I would have liked thus the reason I stopped working on it. Last night I attached the collar and lining. It requires a few improvements here and there, but overall I like it. The fabric was dirt cheap if I remember and I like the informal look it lends to the jacket. The jackets have side seam pockets, also an informal feature.

I also am almost finished with another teddy bear.

I bought some super inexpensive cotton yarn and these enormous needles. I think I told you that already. I like the feel of the cotton, and hope to someday try a sweater out of it. Anyway, first project will be with circular needles: a hat for spring.

I ran yesterday. You can read about it on DailyMile if you wish, but let me say I think (I hope) I am finally back in the running (no pun intended). First race 20 days away!

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February 17, 2010

Well, I’m going to practice stitches and make swatches of different stitches and combine them into something. I bought some all-cotton yarn this morning and pair of aluminum knitting needles. Carrying them from the car into work this morning, in the 20-something degree weather…whew! They got COLD! Plus I can’t imagine you’d want to be knitting with these things outside in an electrical storm. Hazards of knitting I suppose.
So after I do my basketweave swatch I will post it.
Working on another bear, too. Darn it. I realize I forgot to get embroidery floss this morning. Crud.

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